Zebra wood


Common name : Zebra wood 

Scientific name : Microberlinia brazzavillensis

Distribution :Central Africa , West Africa

Zebra wood is a exotic wood. Affordable prices . High Quality available.

Zebra Wood is a Hardwood



Zebra wood, light brown or cream color with black blackish brown streaks , look like a zebra’s stripes. wood is flatsawn or quartersawn, both available

After application of a wood finishes the wood become Very pretty look exactly like zebra stripes .Zebra wood Is a very unique Very beautiful wood. COLOR very pretty. Very affordable exotic woods logs pictures also available in our website. milled lumber images also available in our website.

Zebra wood commonly used in all kinds of woods working. Some time we get figured, curly, It’s very rare, But we stock highly figuredzebra wood wide boards are Available . Kiln dried lumber offer only .Zebra woods mostly use for Veneer and paneling, it very famous in furniture manufacturers. turned objects, and musical instruments also been used .

Zebra wood Sap wood and mixed lumber also available. you combine the sap wood it give a vibrant look After application of a wood finishes the wood become attractive.

We are one of the largest supplier ofzebra woods lumber in wholesale. Our prices are very competitive. Call us and email us for bulk prices .

Tree sizes : 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall, 2-4 ft (.6-1.2 m) trunk diameter more big logs are also available

Average dried weight of Zebra wood :50 lbs/ft3
(805 kg/m3)

Specific Gravity of Zebra wood ( Basic ,12% mc ) .67, .81

Janka Hardness isokoume lumber : 1,830 lbf(8,160 N)

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