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Buckeye Burl, Aesculus californica, is one of the most interesting species we carry

Buckeye Burl (Aesculus californica) is an unusual species.

Colors range from blue-black to golden whites with a nice mixture in between. Buckeye is a very difficult and expensive wood to mill.California Buckeye is one of seven types of buckeye tree in North America.
Buckeye Burl is one of our most dramatic woods. The sapwood in our Buckeye Burl tends to be creamy, yellowish, or somewhat darker, and the heartwood is white to blueish-gray ,Black— a most desirable color.Each piece has its own unique and intriguing color, figure and burl.Buckeye Burl from California Exotic Hardwoods. California Buckeye is one of seven types of buckeye tree in North America. There are also related trees in many countries . Buckeye burl is highly prized for the beautiful pattern of burleyes, swirls and other figure.Buckeye can produce a very nice finish,Mostly guitar builders .
Buckeye burl is an unusual species and finish products are spectacular. buckeye burls easily stabilized and double dyed .some wood workers call them BUCK EYE. below image a buckeye burl guitar tops book match tops .

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 70 x 50 x 3 in