Buckeye Burl (Aesculus californica)


Buckeye Burl’s : king of all Burl’s .




Buckeye Burl grows California on the Buckeye tree. It is a very beautiful Burl’s and light in weight. Buckeye Burl bur have amazing color variation, and great look . Colors range from black golden yellow to brown with blackish-blue and even red accents. Buckeye mostly use for guitars , turning projects , knife handles . Pen makers love buckeye Burl’s . Buckeye Burl’s pens are very expensive . Expoxy resin table makers love buckeye Burl’s live edge slabs . Buckeye Burl’s also use for clocks . Due to its unique looks , buckeye Burl’s considered burl king. King of all Burl’s

Buckeye also used in decorative boxes

Buckeye mostly have bark incursions in live edges. Buckeye also have voids and burl eye , some buckeye Burl’s come out voids free . It’s very pretty . We buy buckeye Burl’s directly from the private land .our buckeye are legally harvested. We mill our own buckeye Burl’s . We kiln dry our buckeye Burl’s in our latest vaccum kiln dry .

casting and resin blanks of buckeye is widely used . We California exotic hardwoods one of the largest supplier of buckeye Burl’s in market . We California exotic hardwoods sell buckeye Burl’s in wholesale prices in bulk volume. If you interested to buy dimensional Burl’s blanks or billets please reach us . We are happy to supply you in very reasonable wholesale prices . Please email us or call +1 (714).929.1234

Buckeye Burl’s :50-75 ft (15-23 m) tall, 1.5-2 ft (.5-.6 m) trunk diameter. Burl’s of buckeye are very big mostly Specific gravity of Buckeye Burl’s ( basic ,12% MC):.33,.40 Janka Hardness 350 lbf (1,560 N)

Additional information


Reddish-brown with irregular black markings

Grain Pattern

Uniform, straight grain

Health Risks

Moderately fine to fine